Reaching your target audience with your message remains the most expensive cost of doing business today.

With a strong background in Media Planning and Buying we guarantee that your professional services or business-to-business organisation will not find a more effective, realistic and unbiased advertising solution.

qubePartners will ensure that clients turn the ‘expense of promotion’ into an investment. An investment into the positive perceptions their customers and prospects will retain about their products or services in their hearts and minds.

The internet, application of technology to the science of marketing (email, CRM, etc), media fragmentation and the advent of Social Media have all contributed to lowering the cost of marketing communication, especially for SME’s. It is now easier than ever to reach your target audience, but more challenging to get your message understood, which is why clarity and creativity in marketing are a necessity for your business survival.

It is then no surprise that businesses are so focused on promotion, reaching their target audience, and one of the most common questions our clients ask is

“Where should I advertise, promote and communicate with my customers?”

Advertising is as much about science as it is about art. Effective advertising is a result of a systematic process of tracking, measuring, evaluating and adjusting your advertising strategies and tactics. Anyone that tells you categorically that “x will achieve y” is lying to themselves as well as you.

qubePartners follows advertising principles that we know produce the most effective results under the circumstances that are prevalent in your industry category. Marketing Communication is about scientific experimentation that minimises your investment risk, and maximises your return.

The major decisions involved in developing an advertising or communication program are:

1. Setting advertising objectives. For example, are you seeking to achieve –

  • Awareness / Trial / Purchase?
  • A direct response?
  • Increased brand awareness?
  • Increased share of the market?
  • Launch of a new product, etc?

2. Setting the budget will affect most aspects of the advertising campaign, most importantly –

  • Media selection
  • Geographic markets
  • Length of the campaign
  • Timing
  • Reach, and
  • Frequency.

3. Message decisions will affect how and what we say creatively.