The Story

It All Starts With An Idea

qubePartners was set up with one thing in mind: to help bring ideas to life.

Whether it’s a vague concern about an overlooked opportunity, a new direction that you’d like your business to take, or a fully formed thought on how to connect with the marketplace, we’re here to bounce it all around, and see how it can work in the real world.

We’re Melbourne’s favourite boutique ideas agency, meaning that we’re all about giving you creative solutions based on strategy that gets you more business.

We offer you a fast-moving, personalised service…without the overheads for parking spaces, fancy beanbags and fussball tables that the bigger boys have to pass on to their clients. You get the same high-quality creative that you’ve come to love, but supported by more flexible service options, less of the dreaded ‘committee think’, and a team of talented professionals focused on the latest ideas rather than being stuck in a bunch of meetings.

Turn Your Ideas Into Great Results

We’re in the business of helping you turn your ideas into great results.

We work with you to explore all of the ways of maximising your idea’s potential. We don’t just focus on talking to your target audience, but think about the emerging ones as well.

We’re your creative strategy partner, and we’re obsessed with thinking outside the circle and employing our integrated Strategic Creative Execution philosophy to your idea.


let us help

here’s a list of our services

Learn more about qubeTracker's Campaign Services


qubeTracker eliminates complication & automatically performs daily search engine rankings for all your campaigns. Our dedicated ranking servers allow us to check rankings faster & with more accuracy than traditional SEO software.

Learn more about qubeTracker's Campaign Services

Learn more about qubeMaler Email Marketing Services


qubeMailer™ is your business’ Marketing Communication and Database Management system. Leverage off the power of email marketing to create a cost-effective way of communicating directly to your customers.

Learn more about qubeMaler Email Marketing Services



qubeSurveys now gives anyone looking to run a survey the ability to add professional surveys to their website in just minutes. Using qubeSurveys, you can create surveys using only your web browser and a desire for information responses.


Learn more about qubeSocial Media Marketing Services


qubeSocial has been created to offer a network of Local Social Media Marketers that provide a resource for Solopreneurs, Micro, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Corporate organisations that have SMBs e.g. franchises.

Learn more about qubeSocial Media Marketing Services

Become a Partner

We are always on the lookout for likeminded people. Currently we are looking for partner in the following areas:

  • – Copywriting
  • – Video
  • – Photography
  • – Search Engine Optimisation
  • – Google Adwords

If you are interested in exploring how we can partner, contact us today!

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