About Us

About Us

qubePartners is a one stop marketing &  management consultancy (as well as a free information portal) focused on finding, attracting and retaining customers for our SME clients – Professional Services and B2B Companies .

qubePartners is a multidisciplinary organisation that brings together a number of professional marketing, creative and management disciplines that have not previously existed in any one organisation under one roof.  Here you can access a comprehensive range of specialist and professional skill sets finally made affordable to the small and medium sized businesses – those that in fact need them most! qubePartners can assist you in achieving your objectives with the minimum of stress and will do so at a fixed price by delivering our Services As Products

The founders have many years of marketing and communication experience. They have all held general management and leadership roles within leading blue chip multinational companies and they all run independently successful businesses.

Our strict selection criteria of  qubePartners Partners is your guarantee of an optimal outcome:

  • Each is a subject matter expert in their expertise with 10+ years of experience in their field. No lightweights here!
  • All Marketing Network partners have extensive experience in delivering “top end of town” solutions to SME’s – in a way that is both cost effective and empowering to their clients. This means educating clients and transferring knowledge and capabilities to them not just providing a solution and creating a “dependency”!
  • Each of the Marketing Network Partners have been selected based on their proven ability to work as part of a collaborative team.
  • Every Marketing Network Partner is dedicated to challenging the brief, the client and thinking outside the proverbial square to deliver the most effective solution each and every time!

Meet The Founders

  • Gene StarkGene Stark
    Director of Marketing Strategy

    Most projects require Gene’s generalist and creative skills at least at the beginning of the engagement with qubePartners so as to deliver you the greatest possible return on your marketing investment.
  • Chris DobbinChris Dobbin
    Creative Director of Design & Digital Marketing
    The best marketing strategies will not deliver the Awareness, Interest and Desire to prompt your target audience into action without an outstanding creative execution. This is his domain!