Chris Dobbin

Chris DobbinChris Dobbin

Director – Design & Digital Marketing

The best marketing strategies will not deliver the Awareness, Interest and Desire to prompt your target audience into action without an outstanding creative execution. This is his domain!

Whether it is designing a Website, executing your Online Promotions like Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC) or implementing your Social Media Strategy, Chris will be making sure that all the strategic brand decisions and marketing tactics are implemented to “wow” your customers.

From design of traditional advertising, like print communication to the latest digital marketing has to offer, Chris will be your point of contact.

Chris’s experience combines 2 skills that are rarely seen in the same room let alone in one person, the traditional creative design skills coupled with the technical know-how of being able to work with acronyms such as ASP, XML, AJAX, JAVA, CSS, HTML, PHP, etc that are like a foreign language to us normal folk. Chris was born with new media in his veins. However unlike a typical internet/multimedia nerd, he can speak the client’s language. Chris has been working in the new media arena close to a decade now producing online and interactive work for names such as Telstra, BMW, MINI, Ansell, Mars Australia, Cisco Systems, Robert Timms and Masterfoods, just to name a few…