Gene Stark

Gene Stark

Director – Marketing Strategy

Most projects require Gene’s generalist and creative skills at least at the beginning of the engagement with qubePartners so as to deliver you the greatest possible return on your marketing investment.

Gene has over 15 years of experience in marketing communications and has worked on some of Australia’s biggest brands, including Bunnings, Coles Myer Group, Fosters Group, Tattersalls, Nissan, Mars, Swisse Multivitamins and Tetley Tea.

Having worked on both the client and agency side, he understands the requirements for success and is able to deliver simple, effective, and accountable solutions to increase the return on the marketing investment.

His systematic approach to problem solving, Small and Medium Enterprises get access to brand communication disciplines and processes previously only available to and affordable by large corporations. Gene’s mission is to deliver big ideas tailored to your budget – ideas that develop positive perceptions about your organization and turn them into profits.

His experience covers Consumer as well as Business-to-Business categories, including FMCG, Health, Beauty and Fitness, Hardware, Beverages, Travel, and Information Technology.

Gene has completed over 70 SME marketing projects in the last 5 years and has provided advice to hundreds of business owners whilst writing and publicly speaking on the marketing challenges facing the driving force of the Australian economy – small business.