Sharon Givoni

Sharon GivoniSharon Givoni

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Sharon Givoni has over 15 years of experience in the specialty area of intellectual property law with a strong focus on branding, copyright and advertising law. Getting your promotional materials and brand just right is one thing, but then ensuring that they are within the law is another.

Sharon Givoni reviews advertising copy to ensure that it is not misleading or that other issues do not arise which is extremely important in this increasingly regulated environment. She also registers brands as trade marks and provides useful advice in the brand selection process which is essential to ensure that your new name or logo does not infringe anyone else’s rights.

Sharon can also assist with trademark registration overseas and advise on copyright issues of any type and the good news is her fees are very competitive and she can work within budgets.

Having been trained at one of Melbourne’s top tier law firms, Sharon Givoni now has clients Australia-wide across all industries and prides herself in giving user-friendly and plain English advice that clients can easily understand.