Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

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[download id=”41″ format=”3″] Outsourcing Your Marketing Infographic

Essential small business guide to hiring a marketing resource or outsourcing to a marketing agency

[download id=”9″ format=”3″] The Marketing Audit
Every existing business should undergo an internal or external Marketing Audit at least every 3 or 4 years. The Marketing audit is a review of its past marketing strategies. A Marketing Audit will identify whether the Marketing Strategy needs to be changed and identify the direction of where the company needs to go.
[download id=”2″ format=”2″] Marketing Check
A comprehensive analysis of your marketing communication efforts, the qubePartners Check provides you with a clear direction of how your business can increase the return on your marketing investment – an investment into the perceptions and hence the reality that your customers and prospects have about your product and service.
[download id=”7″ format=”3″] SWOT Analysis
[download id=”17″ format=”3″] The Brand Design Questionnaire
The brand design recommendation will provide your organisation with the strategic foundation for all your future marketing communication.
The recommendation will deliver an intimate understanding and prioritisation of your target audience, assist you with developing the optimal offer and provide a creative and campaignable platform for communicating with your customers and prospects.
[download id=”8″ format=”3″] Marketing Strategy Template
Use this template to capture the key information that you need to develop a thorough marketing strategy. Then use the information that you collect, along with other development tools, to build your marketing strategy.
[download id=”10″ format=”3″] The Advertising Brief Template
[download id=”16″ format=”3″] Web Development Questionnaire
This comprehensive analysis of your marketing communication efforts will provide you with a clear direction of how your business can increase the return on your marketing investment
[download id=”6″ format=”2″] One Page Marketing Action Plan
[download id=”39″ format=”2″] Inbound Marketing Traffic and Leads Calculator
[download id=”11″ format=”3″] Networking 60 seconds elevator pitch.
[download id=”18″ format=”3″] Creative Design Brief
This brief is specific for product development and branding.
[download id=”24″ format=”3″] The Marketing House (Online)
[download id=”37″ format=”3″] Content Marketing House
[download id=”27″ format=”3″] Success Online House Diagram
[download id=”26″ format=”3″] SEO Process House