Content Planning

Content Marketing

Quality content has always been King in marketing communications, and with social media marketing on the rise, the demand to develop new and relevant content for your target audiences and community is in even higher demand.

The biggest challenge for most small businesses is coming up with the content.  This is where content marketing is absolutely critical. Failure to plan is a plan for failure.

Having the right marketing content on your website, blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, in your emails, direct mail pieces, etc and the ability to consistently have fresh content that tells your story to your prospects and customers is paramount to the success of your inbound marketing.

A Content Market Plan not only helps brainstorm relevant topics to discuss, but also helps you to organise the timing of releasing the content at specific times that maybe highly relevant to your audience and hence to your business. For example you may want to release certain information before or after a trade show, on a special day, e.g.: Valentine’s Day, or before End of The Financial Year.

A Content Market Plan makes it much easier to find relevant topics to write about and share as well as be able to more readily react to anything that may be being discussed in the media that you should be commenting on. A Content Market Plan will allow you to be proactive and leave more time to be reactive when and if you need to be. Just sitting down to “write” will kill time like nothing else and destroy your productivity.

Finally, it is much easier to write 2, 3, or more blogs, eNewsletters, etc at a time, once you are on a roll than start from scratch each time, and once you know what content you want to distribute on specific dates, you can simply schedule it ahead of time with Social Media tools available or through your marketing agency.

Content Marketing Plan

(Required for Blogs and Email)

$1,650 + GST


Planning is crucial to achieve your goals. Not having a plan is like having a destination but no map to guide your journey. Content marketing involves developing topics that appeal to your target audience, having a theme that ties these topics together and links back to your brand positioning, personality and retells your brand story in interesting ways.

Key Deliverables

  1. 2 Hour Client Meeting
  2. Brainstorming stories and angles, policies on subscription and followers, as well as how comments are moderated and dealt with, and a policy for responses.
  3. Brief development for all copywriters
  4. 1 Author’s Correction