Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research



1. Keyword Research is in a way the online equivalent of understanding customer behaviour online!

2. Keyword research is vital in developing an understanding of what types of online searches are most likely to drive qualified traffic to your site.

3. If your site is targeting the wrong keywords, the search engines and your customers may never find you, resulting in lost dollars and meaningless rankings. Using the wrong keywords or not having a keyword strategy means that you waste valuable advertising dollars as well as the time and energy you put into getting your site to rank for those terms to begin with.

Key Deliverables

Document that:

  1. Analyses all of the Keyword Categories applicable to your business.
  2. Discovers Keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor’s websites.
  3. Recommendation on the most cost effective keywords for SEO and PPC
  4. SEO Recommendation for top 10-20 Keywords
  5. PPC Recommendation on up to 50 Keywords
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