Web Banner Copywriting

Web Banner Copywriting

Web Banner Copywriting


1st in a series (Image Direction, Copy)






Just like Outdoor Billboards on the freeway, Website Banners are billboards on the information superhighway called the internet. They are your opportunity to grab precious attention, either on your own website or used as a display advertisement on someone else’s site. It is an opportunity to:

  1. Create the emotional connection between the visitor and your brand
  2. Utilise your Brand’s Positioning Statement (slogan) to reinforce your point of difference and drive home your most important benefit / reason for buying or engaging with you
  3. Web banners develop a strong visual THEME for your brand message, making their experience on your site more memorable and positive.

Key Deliverables

  1. Concept
  2. Image Direction for Designers
  3. Copy (Headline for the web banner)
  4. 1 Author’s Correction
  5. Web Banners can be then easily re-purposed for any other electronic or traditional print media effectively becoming advertisements