Corporate Collateral

The graphic designer’s job is to translate brand strategies and messages into visually appealing communication that connects with the intended target audience.

Their creative efforts can make or break the communication. The best product, strategy, idea or copy can be ruined by bad design.

Corporate Collateral



Once the brand identity is created it needs to be implemented across all of the corporate communication tools. This makes your brand come to life and delivers consistency allowing you define and communicate your brand values.

Key Deliverables

  1. Business Card Template
  2. With Comps Slip
  3. Envelopes x 2 types
  4. Presentation Folder
  5. Word (Electronic Letterhead) Template
  6. PowerPoint Template
  7. 2 Author’s Corrections
  8. Email Signature

Design advice for start-ups
For many small and medium size business owners, a graphic designer is the first port of call when it comes to marketing their business. Is this a good thing?
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