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Vlogs or Video Blogs provide companies a way to foster even a greater connection and level of intimacy with their visitors when words tend to fail. These outlets offer an opportunity for customers to put faces, voices, and personality to the content. More importantly, vlogs are successful marketing tools that can increase online traffic and repeat business while also raising brand awareness and affinity even more so than text blogs.

Key Deliverables

  • 1. Length: Up to 240 seconds
  • 2. 1 hour Consultation
  • 3. Training on Filming & Editing (4 hours)
  • 4. Advice on buying the best for your budget or utilizing the equipment you have
  • 5. You are IT!
  • 6. 1st Video Blog Editing (5 hours)
  • 7. Template Animation for Opening & Ending Footage
  • 8. Filming Environment Set Up
  • 9. Web Version Clip

Vlogs have the ability to increase brand awareness, Web site traffic, and personal bonds with customers. People tend to gravitate toward and do business with people they like.
Just like Blogs, Vlogs should exhibit the following characteristics to increase their chance of success:
–       Vlogs should be of interest to your target audience,
–       Vlogs should be honest
–       Vlogs should be updated regularly
–       Vlogs should allow for viewer feedback
–       Vlogs format should be digestible enough – that is not be too long.

You need to allow the sharing, downloading, syndication and republishing of your video to video publishers, blogs, news sites, video search engines and sharing sites who all use free quality video content around which to build their own content to their audience. By not having barriers around the republishing and sharing of your video content you will find many online distributors that will host your online video.

Do not lock your videos in a format / protocol that forces viewers to have to come to your site to see it.
1.     Make sure the videos you publish online are available in a variety of downloadable formats (.wmv, .mov, .mpg, etc).
2.     Provide embeddable HTML or JavaScript code, allowing other content publishers to re-distribute and publish your video content in seconds.

Most importantly you need to promote your Video Blogs. Customer viewing habits are fragmented and spread across many screens; television, the Internet, video-on-demand and mobile to name a few. Your stories need to be seen everywhere (your budget will decide exactly where!) your prospects and customers maybe watching.

Online opportunities and “rules” for web video promotion change on a daily basis as they form part of Search Engine Optimization (insert link to SEO Pages) and other forms of Online marketing, which is why we strongly recommend that you work with a company that keeps a breast of the latest developments.

What ever mix of online video promotion you choose to employ for your brand make sure that the professionals you choose to do this for you cover the following:

  • Publish customized, branded video players and mini-sites quickly and easily.
  • Enable viral distribution of your video content that is easily tracked.
  • Get clear metrics on the performance of your video content.
  • Deploy without costly investments in software and equipment.
  • Deliver the high-quality experience your customers expect.

YouTube, Video Search Engines and Directories, Online Video Publishing and Sharing Sites all present unique opportunities to promote your web marketing video online.

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