Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing allows businesses to get IMMEDIATE results on Google and the other major Search Engines.

Our PPC team uses the latest technology to manage accounts. This involves constant analysis and daily review of keywords, ad-groups, landing pages and various other critical factors required to properly manage a customer PPC account.

We manage accounts for our customers and are experts when it comes to PPC Management. We know that each and every marketing dollar is precious and that it’s all about ROI (Return on Investment).

If you are interested in one of your PPC (Pay Per Click) plans, please contact qubePartners on 03 9018 7224 and see how we can make your life easier and your business more profitable.



Pay Per Click Campaign

$990+GST (Per Month)

Benefits and Key Deliverables

Keyword Selection We eliminate certain keywords, which have a potentially low Return on investment. Typical example of such keywords would be the key phrases that include the word “Free” in them. This essentially means that the mentality of the person searching the Internet is not to spend money.

Traffic Analysis We analyze the traffic coming to the website – the paths they follow and their exit routes. This helps us in finding any anomalies (if present).

Bid Management We have an initial consulting session with you, whereby, we decide upon the bid rates. Based on these rates we optimize each Ad groups, so that they yield maximum returns.

ROI Calculations We calculate the Return On Investment for your keywords. This data is invaluable, because in 3 months time you will have an extensive database of maximum performing keywords for your site.

Campaign Reporting We will give weekly reports of the campaign and over a period of time we will analyze these reports.

Campaign Tweaking Based on the reports we provide, we will further tweak the campaign to increase the return on investment by adding or deleting certain Ad groups or under performing keywords. We may also run multiple Ads of same keyword by rephrasing the same to target some specific audiences.


Attractive Ad Copy

1-5 Ads

6-10 Ads

11-20 Ads

$110+GST each

$95+GST each

$75+GST each

Benefits and Key


We create attractive, salable ad copy, which will increase the probability of a click from the search engine more