Social Media

Social Media

Success using Social Media channels relies on the principle of leveraging your relationships and building your reputation with your existing professional (and personal) connections as well as developing new connections that will remember you and hold you in high regard.

Social Media is about being social online! It is less about promoting and more about educating others on why and what you do! It is about Listening and Understanding first and then offering solutions and advice without selling directly. It is about adding value to the community in such a way so as to show your knowledge and expertise and then when the time is right being top of mind of your target audience, so that when they need what you are selling, you will be the first that they consult!

Most importantly social media marketing is about marketing, something that most social media participants simply forget. Marketing principles remain the same. You need to establish a point of difference (your brand) and you need to communicate effectively to your target audience (network) with an offer that will satisfy the needs of your customers at a suitable price (read value!).

qubePartners has a social media marketing team with the experience necessary to assist you in developing your social media marketing strategy and then assisting you to create the channels and implement as little or as much of the strategy as is optimal.

Get social and connect with qubePartners to see how we can turn ‘being social’ into a better bottom line for your organisation.

Discover how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Pages, Google+, YouTube and so on, to gain online exposure, engage your customers and grow your business here.
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Social Media Setup


(LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook page, G+, YouTube)


  1. 65% of Australian internet users have an active presence on social media including 11.5 million active users on Facebook, 2.2 million on Twitter and 2.7 million on LinkedIn networking sites.
  2. Social media users are most interested in what businesses can give them in the form of discounts, giveaways, product information and advice.
  3. Less than 30% of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia have a presence on social media.
  4. Of those small businesses with a social media presence, only 5% are using daily so as to increase online search and to enable the acquisition of new and retention of existing, relationships that lead to business growth.

Key Deliverables

  1. Developing your integrated account set-up of social media channels e.g.
    – LinkedIn company
    – Twitter
    – Facebook page
    – Google+
    – YouTube
  2. Upload of basic ‘about’ page information
  3. Upload of logo and brand imagery
  4. Add share and social media icons to website
  5. Add google analytics to website (as required)
  6. Email signature with social media links


Social Media Marketing and Management (min 4 weeks)


Social media presents an extraordinarily cost effective, targeted and measurable communications channel for businesses to share their messages. Yet perhaps as many as 95% FAIL to take full advantage of what these media platforms can offer.Primarily to:
– To AQUIRE more customers / clients; and
– To KEEP more customers / clients.Note Facebook ads spend recommended ($300/week min.) is not included.


  1. Audience Building
  2. Targeted Messaging
  3. Engagement Increase
  4. Increased Website Traffic
  5. Build the credibility of individuals and their business/brand;
  6. Create more and stronger connections;
  7. Drive people to website and/or online landing pages;
  8. Raise awareness of businesses, what they stand for, who they are & what they offer;
  9. Provide improved budget effectiveness, enabling a far greater spread of integrated marketing activities; and
  10. Generate sales and ultimately, to PROFIT!

Key Deliverables

  1. 6 days/week Messaging
  2. Copywriting for Facebook Ads
  3. Links to Landing Pages
  4. Reporting Insights
  5. 1 Author’s Correction (Update)


Social Media Optimisation (SMO) Strategy


Brief development that enables strategic social media activities to be planned in advance


  1. Knowing why you’re going to share across social media i.e. objectives
  2. Knowing who you are going to share with across social media i.e. target audience
  3. Knowing what you are going to share across social media i.e. content marketing plan
  4. Knowing where you are going to share i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube
  5. Knowing when and how often you are going to share i.e. scheduling
  6. Knowing how you are going to share i.e. ‘organically’ and paid advertising e.g. Facebook marketing media buying

Key Deliverables

  1. 2 Hour Client Meeting
  2. A collaborative, researched SMO strategy to guide and describe:
    – Social media goals / targets
    – Channels to achieve goals / targets
    – Integrating social media with existing marketing activities
    – Tactics for each channel i.e. actions to be executed
    – Recommend social media advertising spend if applicable
  3. Brief development document for all social media managers / monitors
  4. 1 Author’s Correction (Update)