Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

qubePartners Marketing Automation specialists work with smart companies wishing to retain visitors and customers, improve conversions, reduce marketing costs, and streamline sales operations by employing technology for End-to-end Campaign Management or Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation can be provided as a service or a software platform that simplifies and automates the complex and repetitive tasks within all Marketing departments that make up the process of capturing leads and turning them into real opportunities by passing those “ready to buy” to the sales team and then tracking and reporting on the success rates.

The Marketing Automation service covers the following essential tasks to achieve a successful “closed-loop” marketing process:

  • Web Analytics: Incorporation of web analytics data, allowing you to segment, score, and qualify prospects based on their website-viewing habits.
    • Lead Nurturing: Automates the process of qualifying Leads and increases upsell-rate by keeping current customers engaged.
    • Lead Scoring: Quality metrics applied to each Lead and Prospect, relative to that of others in your database.
    • Email Marketing: An Email Marketing platform designed to launch email campaigns to targeted prospect groups.
    • List Management: Ability to segment your database of leads and target them with tailored campaigns and programs.
    • CRM Integration: Ideally suited to align Marketing and Sales – bi-directional CRM integration allows for CRM data to be easily manipulated from within the Marketing Automation platform.
    • Reporting: The ability to track performance across all marketing activities, as well as understand which activities contribute towards successful revenue generation and which do not.

How Does our Marketing Automation Services Work?

We take your labour-intensive tasks, redefine them and integrate them into our proven automated process, by utilising a state-of-the-art Marketing Automation solution.

By automating the above tasks, we are able to focus on measuring response and conversion rates, and “tweaking” the automation platform for optimum effectiveness and results.

The Benefits of our Marketing Automation Services

Our Marketing Automation services help align Marketing and Sales by increasing communication and transparency between these departments. The inherent nature of a consolidate platform, tightly integrated with your CRM, provides measurable indicators on the quality and quantity of Leads being funneled to your Sales reps. In essence, you’re creating an automatic feedback-loop. Since the entire process is fully automated, the quality and quantity of Leads being funneled can be adjusted by Marketing at any time, as per the Sales organisation’s needs.

Better Insight in to What Works (and what doesn’t)

By virtue of the consolidation of the Lead-to-Sales funnel under one roof, Marketers benefit from having clear insight in to what part of the chain is working and what isn’t. And as with any assembly-line-like process, a simple tuning at any step in the line will have an impact at later stages. When we automate your marketing processes, the tasks of “tweaking the system” becomes much easier and much easier to measure.

A measurable process enables Marketers to no longer be viewed as a cost-center. Marketing accountability is now transparent, because every step of the Sales cycle is now easily viewable and measurable.

Reduce Operating Costs

The reduction of labor costs is a by-product of any automated system. The reduction of costs is delivered by:

  • Decreased labor cost, by automating the process of qualifying/routing leads and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and programs.
  • Increased Efficiency, by automating tasks and focusing Sales on quality Leads, thereby eliminating waste (lost time/resources) within the system.

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