Media Planning

Media Planning

Media Planning
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Media strategy is one of the most important elements of the Communication Mix. Most businesses spend approximately 75% of their Marketing Budget on Media – getting the message to the consumer about their product or service. The media strategy is a roadmap to ensure that our communication can reach the maximum number of target audience, the necessary number of times within the “purchase cycle” in order to illicit a favorable response.
Media strategy should drive the Creative strategy. Once the most effective way of reaching the target market has been identified then an appropriate Creative message (Content, Style, Tone, etc) can be tailored to the audience as well as the medium that it is being broadcast/displayed in.
Media strategy explains the “how” of a media campaign and covers the following:

  1. Target Market – Who is the Target Audience?
  2. Geographical Markets – Where is the Target Audience?
  3. Reach – What % of the Target Audience should the campaign reach?
  4. Frequency – How many times should the message appear during a purchase cycle?
  5. Continuity – Length of the campaign required or that is affordable given the budget
  6. Budget – What is the budget available to achieve the stated Media Objectives? Timing, much like the budget is usually dictated by the business circumstances at the time – When should the marketing message appear in the media (special event, announcement, launch, seasonality)
  7. Creative – How will we communicate the message? The format of the creative will thus be dictated by the selection of the appropriate Media Vehicles

Media Planning:
Media Planning is a 3-step process, which involves answering the three big questions:

  1. What is the right Media Mix? Media Selection Rationale
  2. How the Selected Media can offer access to the target market? – The Framework of the Media Plan
  3. Determine and plot out the Appropriate Levels of Activity in each Media Vehicle and the exact placement of the creative execution

Key Deliverables

  1. Document outlining Media Strategy and Media Planning Recommendation
  2. Media Schedule that summarises the Media Activities Recommended
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