Sales Training – Structured Optimised Selling (S.O.S)

Sales Training – Structured Optimised Selling (S.O.S)

Small companies can now utilise the successful sales training and negotiation techniques adopted by some of the largest multinational corporations.

As new technologies have changed the way we do business, so to have the expectations of your customer. Response times are quicker and deadlines are shorter. Customers now demand to see an R.O.I on every product and service they purchase.

The strategy of selling has evolved – but has your sales and marketing team? By fully understanding what motivates your customer you can transform your team from sales reps that focus only on features and benefits into consultants that work collaboratively with your clients and achieve outstanding results.

Structured Optimised Selling (S.O.S)

One Day Workshop

$ 3,080+GST


Structured Optimised Selling allows your sales team to

  • Understand how the dynamics of selling have changed in today’s environment
  • Sell more than just a product or service to their customer
  • Become a trusted, influential and essential resource for  your most important clients
  • Retain accounts by generating  value for your customer
  • Increase sales through effective ‘Account Matching’
  • Easily master Negotiation techniques that provide long term results and commitment

Key Deliverables

  1. 6 hour workshop
  2. Individual worksheets for all delegates
  3. Up to 20 delegates