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Please read on below to see our Top 10 Linkedin Tips

Top 10 Linkedin Tips

Tip 1

Edit Or Remove Endorsements

The LinkedIn feature ‘Endorsements’, which lets your connections up-vote the skills you’ve listed on your profile are an instant visual barometer of your talent (infographic like). But, these skills must be relevant to your key competencies or it can throw all of your other hard earned endorsements authority out the window. So remove individual skills that are irrelevant and keep it relevant.


Tip 2

Vet a group before you join

Before joining any LinkedIn Group it is a good idea to know a bit more before you decide to join. If you find a group that looks interesting, click the More tab below the group’s name and select Group Statistics.

This is where you can learn details about the group’s demographics, seniority, location, and industry and how active the group is.


Tip 3

Use keywords

Your LinkedIn profile is not a place to prove you are a vocabularian. Instead, keep the language simple, as those people searching for consultants or future employees won’t search for a “passionate and innovative artist,” but they will search for a “graphic designer.” It’s easy to see if you’re attracting the right visitors to your profile by looking at the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” statistics, and checking the list of keywords used. If they are the wrong words, then change the way you describe yourself.


Tip 4

Add Your Best Media

LinkedIn now lets you upload images, videos, presentations, and documents to make your profile more engaging and show off your work. What better way of displaying your skills and contribution than your best pieces of completed content.


Tip 5

Turn off activity broadcasts

Every time you update your LinkedIn profile, change your summary, edit your experience or follow someone new, your activity is broadcast. So, if you’re on a job hunt or just trying out different things you should use the option to mute these activities, so your changes aren’t broadcast, not least to keep from your current employer.


Tip 6

No more cold calls

Most cold calls are a waste of time and effort anyway, so by using LinkedIn to target specific prospects by finding the correct connection and monitoring their status updates, or mutual group posts, you can instantly have a greater understanding of their needs and frustrations, which vastly increases the chance of possessing the information needed to unlock their door.


Tip 7

Use InMail

InMail (available on premium accounts) is LinkedIn’s internal email system and allows you to send an email to any LinkedIn user without having to be connected. LinkedIn claims that an InMail is 30 times more likely to get a response than a cold call so has to be worth trying at least.


Tip 8

The Power of Groups

Use groups to learn more about your industry and the questions being asked and frustrations of unmet needs. They also give you the opportunity to contact potential prospects about topics they are struggling with and you can provide solutions to.


Tip 9

LInkedIn Email Signature

Include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature to enable easy and direct access to your profile.


Tip 10

Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn adverts are highly targetable and competitively priced. It is very easy to set up campaigns to your business target audience that are cheap, measurable, and highly effective compared to other platforms.