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Your profile page needs to describe you accurately so you stand out amongst the right crowd.

By honestly answering the following questions you may realise that you need to change your LinkedIn profile.

Does your profile pic reflect your position and personality?

Your visual image is key, so get a professional-like photo and project an image of someone who means business.

Don’t just use your job title?

Use the 120-character space for your elevator pitch that explains your value and will instantly separate you from the crowd?

Does your LinkedIn summary tell the reader how you are indispensible to customers or employers?

Make your summary about how you will help them.

Would you make a good Adwords campaign?

You must optimise your profile to be feature rich in search keywords? Include ‘Googleable’ terms in your Endorsements section, Summary, Headline, Job Experience, Anchored Text to appear in relevant searches.

Do you look employable?

The way you describe your experience says a lot about you, so why not ask someone you respect to proof check yours and see what they think. Include keywords in your current and past positions and accomplishments to explain the value you added.

Does your LinkedIn profile show you work well in teams?

If not, you need to generate more Recommendations, Endorsements from ex and current colleagues (especially managers)!

Does your LinkedIn profile pass the most basic test of all?

Poor grammar, typos and writing in the third person are complete no-nos. You should include any publications, videos or SlideShares that you have created, as this will help you further stand out against the competition.

Don’t be shy?

It’s one thing to have a great profile, but if you don’t join the conversation then you are actually hindering your reputation. Get active with LInkedIn group updates, daily status updates and continually connect with others.

Measure, measure and measure again?

If you are optimsing your LinkedIn profile, you need to continually monitor the results – how many people are finding you in searches, viewing your profile, sharing or commenting on your updates, and even accepting/sending invites. All these are key metric to monitor to make sure you are working on the right elements.