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Where are your customers?
Where can you REACH them most cost effectively?
What are they watching, reading, listening to?

Budget – Marketing Budget as a rough rule of thumb is 10% of Sales
Reach – don’t try to talk with too many prospects / customers
Frequency – make sure to repeat your message frequently enough within the set purchase cycle, e.g.: twice per month
Continuity – and pursue your dialogue for long enough, e.g. 6 month campaign

The top 10 ways of reaching an audience for SME’s are*: (mainly B2B Professional Services and Industrial companies)

*The individual circumstances of each organization may alter the order of this list drastically and the list below is a guide only. As an example, for a small new manufacturing business, Packaging may be their only marketing vehicle and can be used with great success if it is designed correctly.

1. Networking

  • Physical – Industry Associations, Trade Shows, BNI, etc
  • Virtual (Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)

2. Website / Blog, Online Video

3. Search Engine Marketing

  • Paid Search / Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Banner Ads

4. Email

5. PR – Traditional and Online

6. Direct Mail

7. Point of Sale (for Retailers and Small FMCG Manufacturers)

8. Packaging

9. Trade Press / Local Paper / Niche Magazines

10. Outdoor and Out Of Home / Ambient

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