A brand is a collection of perceptions 
in the mind of the consumer.
The sum total of each customer’s 
experience with your organization.
The investment into the Perceptions 
your consumers have about your 
product or service.

Perception is Reality. Stark Reality.
People tend to stay away from empty restaurants while they regularly line up and wait in the freezing cold to “get into” a popular club, which in some cases may be empty inside, hence creating the perception of scarcity and popularity with their “artificial” queue.

Existing perceptions about Quality and Price are part of the scarcity perception:

  • Quality is never cheap.
  • You get what you pay for.
  • If it is expensive it must be valuable.

As marketers we must work with the existing perceptions our audience holds about our products and services. Changing those perceptions takes a long time, great amounts of money and a very good idea communicated in a very creative way!