According to a study by research company Millward Brown, slogan or positioning statement usage in advertising has been declining over the last 20 years.

The study found that slogans make a difference in advertisements, and generate more interest from the target audience. The Knowledge Point study, found that two-thirds of all ads actually included slogans.

Ads with slogans that part are of a jingle received higher enjoyment while slogans that have been used before also enjoyed better branding, confirming the importance of consistency and repetition.

The study provided the following advice to marketers and their brands:

  • Positioning Statements that are most likely to be remembered are included in a jingle.
  • Positioning Statements should be relevant and meaningful to the brand, its benefits or its history
  • Positioning Statements used to make sense of the whole communication are memorable because they bring about a resolution to the “question” being asked
  • Positioning Statements slogans that use rhyme or alliteration to associate with the brand are more easily remembered
  • Positioning Statements that evoke memorable images or stimulate thinking have more staying power
  • Distinct Positioning Statements, whether they contains an unusual word or are used in an unfamiliar context, were also found to be effective.