Selling the brand first

What is a brand? Sounds like a fairly basic question to ask, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t really know the answer.

A brand:
– Stands for something
– Has an emotional connection with it’s customers
– Has some need that it fulfils for it’s customer
– Is often hard to substitute
– Is unique
– Is associated with a logo and should have a tagline

How do you build a brand?

A brand is not something that naturally evolves; it is a based on a strategy to target it towards a specific group of people, and makes it relevant and appealing to them. A brand has a meaning, a benefit and an objective. The rule of thumb is to lead with an emotional benefit and support this with a rational benefit. An emotional benefit is what draws your customers to your brand and builds loyalty. For example, Nappies – the emotional benefit is that by using Brand X you will feel like you are the best mother that you can be. Whilst, the rational benefit is about performance and has to do with the practical functionality of the brand, for example, having side panels on the nappies to avoid leakage and the 100% hypoallergenic cotton fabric.

Why build a brand?

Brands are not easily substituted and this important is from a commercial perspective. If you have built a strong brand, your customers will feel loyal to your brand and this makes it difficult for competitors to take your market share. By raising the “barriers to entry” for new competitors, you are effectively making the market seem unattractive to new entrants – this keeps your customers coming back to you.

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