To reach your customers and prospects with your message most cost effectively and improve your Cost Per Lead, you will need the best marketing tool; a plan. Your Marketing Action Plan should include the following:

  1. Align each target audience with the Appropriate Offer and hence Communication Objective
  2. Plan each of the target market communications throughout the calendar year.
  3. Prepare a realistic marketing activity schedule based on the your budget.
  4. Specify the parties responsible for execution of each initiative.
  5. Record all of the necessary chronological steps to implement the communication strategies.

The Marketing Activity Schedule usually consists of an excel spreadsheet that outlines each activity, when it occurs and how much it costs to implement. Here is a hypothetical example of what one may look like with costs being omitted.

On the Marketing Activity Schedule you can also mark any important events on your marketing calendar, like trade shows, or product launches, etc.

The one page overview will provide all staff in the company with a great overview of all marketing activities, costs and timings. Together with the Marketing Action Plan, everyone will be on the same page in terms of objectives and responsibilities.