You Need Original Ideas & More Creative Execution but more importantly you need to SHARE!

  • 12 Half Page Print Ads are more effective than 6 Full Page Ads
  • One Colour, called spot colour can be used instead of Full Colour to decrease the cost without effecting effectiveness if the design is used creatively to compensate for this.
  • Use 30 Second Radio Ad v 60 Second Radio Ad
  • Decrease the Direct Mail List Size and follow them up with Telemarketing or
  • Share the cost of Direct Marketing – Printing, Mailing and Distribution with a complimentary Product / Service.
  • You can share the cost of traditional advertising like print by coming up with a creative advertisement that promotes 2 complimentary products in one advertisement and generates synergy between the products to the benefits of both.
  • The same concept can also be taken online by sharing Pay Per Click bid costs and the costs of the Landing Pages.

Start thinking and sharing.