The web allows ‘small business Davids’ to compete with corporate Goliaths.

Your website is the most flexible and accountable marketing weapon today. Usually the first thing that your prospects see and experience about your business, it is your most public face to the world, a showroom open every hour of every day.

  • The investment into your website is 100% measurable and hence accountable.
  • Your website is an interactive medium and a distribution channel that allows 1 : 1 personalization
In the case of a recession the use of the internet by consumers will only be accelerated as they will spend  more time at home. So remove the cobwebs from your website today!

Internet Advertising is still very underutilized.
A typical US consumer might spend 25% of their media consumption time on the Internet but a typical US advertiser spends only 7% of their communications budget on the web.

Web technology is more accessible than ever: Low Cost and Easy to Use, if you choose to DIY in-house and cheaper than ever to be outsourced to a third party web marketing agency. But be careful who you choose!

Design, Build, Promote, and Maintain to maximize results and make your website work as hard as you do to:
  • Provide visitors with a taste of your product or service
  • Tell visitors why they should buy from you and not your competitors
  • Collect information about your customers
  • Customize customer experience
  • Improve customer service and provide a vehicle for feedback
  • Generate sales leads