All websites can be classified into 4 types:

1. A site that sells product(s) or service(s) by the quality of design and copywriting, which is in turn

2. A lead generation site that attracts potential new clients

3. A customer support or self service site that reduces costs by completing routine tasks, replacing or reducing human interaction

4. A content site that educates or informs visitors about your organization or service

Most websites are a mixture of the above, yet they all need to do 2 things to be successful:

  1. Attract enough new prospects to survive and prosper by cost effectively letting their target audience know that they exist (PUSH), and/or getting found (PULL).

  2. Once prospects land on your website, their experience there needs to be positive, and this is a decision that is often made in less than 1/20th of a second! The user experience is determined by the quality of design and copywriting which is in turn developed by following a strategic process outlined by the diagram below:

Website marketing is an ongoing process, similar to designing and building a house. It is then important to maintain and build the value of your marketing properties and prevent this value being depreciated through neglect of infrastructure or promotional activity by competitors.

To get the best return on the marketing investment, time needs to be dedicated to answer the questions that assist in building a solid foundation for the marketing of your business online.

By starting at the bottom and working up, the process will be shorter, less painful and more profitable.