Customer Origins Surveys

Knowing where your customers come from is important for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is to estimate the cannibalisation impact of opening another store near an existing outlet.

While many retailers with EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) trap information including customer names and addresses, cash and small ticket businesses have no such benefit. The solution is to undertake a data gathering exercise at a store to accurately determine where customers are coming from and going to.

qubePartners has devised a unique questionnaire that can quickly trap all sorts of information about a customer, including

  • Where the customers have come from
  • Where the customers are going
  • Why they visited
  • How frequently they visit
  • Whether they would have visited an alternative site on the day had it existed

Customer Addresses are then geo-coded (electronically placed) onto a map and a trade area boundary defined.

qubePartners has an Australia wide field force that can undertake such studies at a moments notice.

Product/ Price Benefits Key Deliverables
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  • Estimate the cannibalisation impact of opening another store in an area
  • Define a trade area for effective and efficient use of local advertising
  • Define a franchise boundary, or use in doing your Territory Planning

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