Data Packs

qubePartners has developed a powerful yet simple to understand hard copy (or electronic PDF) collection of information profiling any local area of interest.

There are four main ingredients in the pack:

Demographic Summary

This one page summary focuses on major demographic segments within the local market. It compares the specific area with the National or state averages to highlight differences and groups of opportunity. The Demographic Summary also includes information on age, transport to work, occupation, family type, country of birthplace, language spoken at home, type of occupancy and also the structure of the dwelling.

Business Demographic Summary

People do not only make buying decisions from where they live, but also from where they work, play and travel. As such, residential demographic data is giving you only half of the picture about an area.

The Business Demographic Summary tells us how many people work in an area, the size of individual businesses and the industry groups local businesses belong to.

This really assists in determining the opportunity for lunchtime trade, business to business marketing and assistance as to which Local Area marketing promotion will be most successful.

Business Hit List

The Business Hit List gives you contact points into which to market your business. It is broken down by business category. The list names the company name, address, suburb, state, phone, fax and the type of business it is classified as. The Hit List can be supplied in hardcopy or electronic (Excel) format.

Locator Map

The locator map shows the location of your store or trade boundary, the residential density of population, the location of local businesses and community groups as well as the location of retail hubs and shopping centres. For an additional charge, competition locations can also be included on the map.

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