Sales Prediction Modeling

Sales Prediction Modeling

Sales Prediction Models forecast outlet sales using a mathematical formula developed specifically for your industry.

The process begins by analysing the characteristics against the performance of your existing network. From this, the underlying factors (or drivers) responsible for sales performance can be identified and then built into a prediction model.

Once defined, the prediction model accepts location and facility characteristics as inputs and returns a performance prediction for the site.

In addition to their obvious role in prioritising and assessing new site potential, sales prediction models can also assist to

  • Assess the economics of store relocations
  • Assess possible sales cannibalisation impacts of a new outlet on existing outlets
  • Assess actual vs. potential performance for any existing outlet
Product/Price Benefits Key Deliverables
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  • Understand the contribution various factors make to sales performance
  • Estimate the performance of proposed outlets at any location
  • Select the most appropriate facility for a given location
  • Calculate the effects competitors outlets have on sales performance
  • Calculate the sales cannibalisation effect of opening a new outlet
  • Perform scenario planning
  • Alleviates “gut feel” from decision making
  • Compare actual vs. potential performance of existing outlets
  • Prioritise “New Build” areas

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