Site Potential Reports

Property managers or investors require an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of a trade area surrounding a retail or service outlet. Having a better market understanding helps with capital allocation, marketing and in the case of franchising, helps build the franchisee/franchisor relationship.

Information is provided for the sites logical catchment or trade area, which may be a postcode, a distance radius, or a travel time radius or any area defined by the client. General information is also provided at 1km, 2km, 3km … radii, so you can gauge how your market varies with increasing distance from the site.

More than just demographics, a SPR includes information on:

  • Local competition names & addresses
  • Population growth / decline
  • Socio-Demographics / Lifestyle Information
  • Business Counts & Employment
  • Exposure Analysis
  • A Trade Zone Map (with competition locations if required)

Additional information can be incorporated at a client’s request. This may include:

  • Shopping Centre Activity Reports
  • Retail Census
  • Urban Development Forecast
  • Household Expenditure (for relevant commodities)
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Site Potential Reports
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Site Potential Reports (SPR) arm you with all the necessary information required to evaluate the current and future market potential of the trade area.

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