Target Market Indexing

Very often the profile of a target group of interest may include several socio-economic characteristics.

For instance, the target market of a trendy female fashion outlet may be:

  • Female
  • Aged 25 – 39
  • Professionally Employed

qubePartners has devised a method of combining several characteristics of a target group into a single index score used for comparison of area potential.

The index method is very flexible and can use characteristic data from a variety of sources such as residential demographics and employment statistics. Characteristics can also be weighted if it is felt that one characteristic is more important than another.

The resultant score can be mapped (using a variety of shadings) across any area of interest, instantly showing the hot spots of highest opportunity.

By overlaying other mapping data across the top of the TMI map (for instance, competition locations, territory boundaries or current store location), you have a very powerful decision making tool.

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