Territory Planning

The days of dividing territories based upon populations (or even the dreaded “black texta on laminated wall map” approach) are thankfully over. qubePartners has developed a foolproof method of Territory Planning for carving up an area into equitable territories that takes into account the industry type and target market. This ensures that resultant territories offer equitable sales or profit potential.

Territories can be presented as aggregate Postcodes for ease of administration and marketing, or even telephone exchange areas in the case of 13 call numbers diversion.

Determining the Optimum Size/ Number of Territories

qubePartners can also assist in determining the optimum size or number of territories to ensure that new franchise operators do not give away more than is required. For once a territory is sold, it is difficult to divide it and sell it again!

Franchise Development

The franchise area is rapidly growing and new entrants to the area need to consider all aspects including:

  • Site Selection
  • Site Development
  • Territory Planning
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Franchising Arrangements
  • Accounting
  • Construction

qubePartners can assist in the setting up of franchised locations or territories and can assist in the expansion of franchises into new markets.

Product/Price Benefits Key Deliverables
Territory Planning Enquire Now Carving up an area using this method ensures that there is no ‘first in best dressed’ rush on territories, and operator performance really can be compared and assessed across a network. Proper Territory Planning ensures you have the maximum number of territories, each offering similar business potential for your franchisees.

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