Our Team

Our Team

Here you’ll find the two most important ‘P’s of the Marketing Process: People and Passion.

And once you work with us you’ll notice that we got rid of a ‘P’ that’s a pain in all our backsides – Politics.We’ll be honest even if it ‘hurts’, because we believe it is our ethical obligation to be so. No beating around the bush. Growing your business is our passion, it’s why we come into work every day.Our office sits on top of one of the best cafes in the area, so please pop in and share a cup of Java with us and let us know how we can help you sell more, do more or be more of what you want.

Gene Stark

Director –

Marketing Strategy

Chris Dobbin

Director –

Design & Digital Marketing

Gene is our strategist who retreats into his cave to help ponder over your next big step! Chris prompts your target audience into action with an outstanding creative execution!

Sara Tan

Graphic Designer

Raymond Howe

Marketing Consultant

Sara has cravings for creativity. Ray helps to amplify your marketing reach, engagement and effectiveness.
sue.albert-01 steve

Sue Albert

Relationship Sales Director

Steve Hubbard

Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Sue helps to amplify your marketing reach, engagement and effectiveness. Steve is passionate about the use of social media marketing to build ‘more and better’ relationships.

Our Partners


Jeremy Samuel

Social Media Consultant

John Manning

Pricing Specialist

Jeremy helps you engage with the community and empower to share their message. With two decades of pricing experience John helps long-term consulting projects for companies.

Adam Posner

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Consultant

Nick Ikonomou

Business Coach

Adam works out multi-channel direct marketing initiatives for your company. Nick shows how to enjoy your business, increase your revenue, work shorter hours and enjoy your personal lives.

Todd Lehmann

Direct Mail Specialist

Warwick Cavell

General Management and Consulting Director

Todd helps your company find the best Direct Mail Solution for your needs. Warwick is focused on the broader issue of business improvement.

Karen Felder

Executive Talent Research, Resourcing and Linkedin Training

Sharon Givoni

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Karen helps identify passive talent for a current assignment or ongoing pipeline work Karen ensures that you get your promotional materials and brand right and within the law.

Helen Robinett

Professional Image Advisor

Rebecca Hughes


Helen develops an image-management strategy with you and ensures that staff reflect the image and branding of your company. Rebecca is offering extensive commercial photography!

Peter Buckingham

Statistical Market Research Specialist

 Peter can assist your business with analysis and visualization of its market data.